Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tokyo Part 4: Imperial Palace and Odaiba

Imperial Palace
Since Tuesday was our 'free day' we didn't have anything planned, so some of us decided to go to the Imperial Palace. It's right outside Tokyo station(which has bagels! and paninis! and awesome-ness...) and the walk to the palace is gorgeous! It was a sunny day, and we really ought to have brought some bento's to eat in the park.
The funny thing about the imperial palace is that you can't actually go in. It looks really pretty on the outside, and you can see this from the entrance. But once you enter you're basically just walking around the palace. But there's a kofun, and a garden(which would have been nice if anything were alive), and a nice big open (dead)grassy area. We even saw sakura! On one tree. But still, it was free and pretty and a nice relaxing time.
Odaiba Shopping Center

Afterwards, we decided to hit up Odaiba, which is a man-made island with a futuristic amusement center. Everything was soooo American! It was like a mixture between California and New York. There was even a Statue of Liberty. There was a really cool view of the rainbow bridge over the beach and a teleportation center! Which turned out to be a regular old station. Hehe gotta love waseigo >_>
View from Odaiba

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