Thursday, December 8, 2011

Arashiyama and Kiyomizudera!

This past weekend I went to some of the most beautiful places in Kyoto for kouyou, or the changing leaves =) This is a pretty important time in Japan, and it was delayed this year due to global warming and whatnot, so I was actually able to go during a time when the leaves really should have all been gone. It was so beautiful! Arashiyama is a really pretty mountain with a monkey park and a bamboo path and a lot of omiyage(souvenir) shops! I ate a lot of yatsu-hashi here, a Kyoto delicacy of triangular cinnamon-mochi like thing filled with red-bean paste or a variety of different flavors. I really wanted to bring them back as omiyage, but unfortunately they expire within a week =(
Afterwards, we all went to Kiyomizudera, which is a very popular temple with a lot of great little shops leading up to it where you can sample sweets and drink tea for free! We went at night, so there were lights everywhere and my camera took a bunch of crazy pictures. And I finally got to try taiyaki! It's a grilled pancake-like thing shaped like a fish and filled with red-bean paste. I ate it at a vendor exiting Kiyomizudera, and it was delicious!
Next week is finals, so I doubt I'll be updating much =( But I hope to go to Uji(the tea district in Kyoto) really soon! I loooove Kyoto!!!


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