Monday, October 31, 2011


Ok, so maybe you've heard that Halloween isn't celebrated much in Japan..... which may be true outside of Kansai Gaidai. But man, do we know how to party! We had a costume party which was a huge success, but unfortunately I was unable to attend due to the fact that I was EATING BASKIN ROBBINS! Or, as they call it here, 31. It was 31% off today because it's Halloween or because it's the 31st day or for some other reason that I'm not aware of. Anyway, it was delicious! Magical mint night and pumpkin pudding all the way....
So anyway, I spent the whole day in costume(as Nicki Minaj in case you couldn't tell), and at school I got a lot of compliments! Although schoolgirls at the mall snickered at me(they're just jealous!), but I don't really care because I had FUN and it was all in the spirit of one of my favorite holidays =)
After ice cream, I went to the party at Seminar House 4.There was free food and drinks! Ohhhh yeah! We played BINGO(I lost all rounds) and took pictures in costume. I love Halloween! And even if most Japanese people don't dress up, there's a lot of Halloween merchandise sold here in Hirakata-shi and many of the Japanese students at Gaidai wore costumes. Oh well. Maybe it's a growing trend?

I hope to keep updating more often like I've been doing over the past few days! Also, please look at my photo-stream if you want to keep up with the pictures I'm taking, as it will only display the 200 most recent images. Man, my English is getting terrible here! Let's just hope my Japanese is improving >__>


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  2. The schools girls at the mall must be very majime! :O It looks like you're having a super, awesome time. Hooray!