Thursday, November 3, 2011

INFES/Fashion Show

Oh my god, do the Japanese know how to put on a show! Today and tomorrow Kansai Gaidai is holding a bunkasai, or cultural festival, called INFES. The Japanese students have Wednesday through Friday off school for preparation, although international students only got today(Thursday) off as 'culture day'. But man, did the preparation pay off!!! There are huge posters everywhere around Gaidai with pretty pictures advertising things, and booths selling all types of yummy food. I bought and ate wayyyy too much! But really, how can you resist parfait bowls, tempura ice cream, or this weird savory dish filled with konnyaku(or potato/cheese/tomato)??! Oh, and there was the blueberry and cream cheese bagel at the jazz show... let's hope tomorrow has the same food! 
It seriously is like having a mini carnival on campus, though. Minus the rides. But who cares about rides when you can watch(or participate in!) a fashion show, Kpop dancers, karaoke, cover bands, and visit cultural booths? Which brings me to my next point.....
THE FASHION SHOW WAS AWESOME!!! I got to model for the international fashion show! My friend Heather who made the costumes(with the exception of a last-minute skirt she asked me to make and a kimono-cover up she bought) was unable to model her outfit because she arranged to meet a friend in Osaka. Soooooo, I had my first ever modeling gig! It was soooo much fun! We had two shows, but the latter was by far the most successful. I made so many friends and bonded with the ones I already had!

Also, the Kpop dance show was AMAZING! I am in awe of the talent that three of my fellow UF classmates and some other Kansai students have when it comes to dancing! They put on a great performance, and put so much effort into practicing!!! =D Seriously, I wish I could dance that well! And now I've grown to like Kpop again... hehe
I can't wait to see what's going on tomorrow! This week has been such a blast!

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