Friday, March 23, 2012

Horyuji in Nara

Recently I took a field trip with my art class to Horyuji in Nara. It's basically a very old temple with a lot of Buddhist art and interesting architectural structures. There's a pagoda, a worship hall, and a lot of other complexes. It was a really pretty place, but the weather was terrible! That being said, I don't have a whole lot to say besides boring historical facts. Also, we were unable to take pictures within any of the structures(pretty standard in Japan), so I can't show you any the great sculptures.Sorry!
I had previously only been to the Daibutsuden( Great Buddha Hall) in Todaiji in Nara, and I must say I prefer it to Horyuji. Mainly because of the deer. But I plan on returning to Todaiji in April or May for Golden Week, so I'll have more on that later! 

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