Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mexico Festival!

Since Monday was a holiday here in Japan(respect for the aged day, or 敬老の日), my weekend-family partner, Sena, invited me to a Mexican festival in Umeda! However, getting to the festival proved to be a difficult task... Lost in Japan Epic Adventure Time!!!

OK , so the station is basically a straight line away from our school's main entrance. However, in an attempt to retrieve my bicycle from the lot on campus(stupid idea, the whole school was closed for the holiday), I went in a straight line from the east entrance, which brought me to the electronic store Midori. Reading the signs, I decided to turn right and head towards central Osaka. The path looked unfamiliar, but I decided to trek it anyway. I passed endless car dealerships, a Uniqlo(score!), a cheap dvd store, and somehow ended up winding through an elementary school and then finally arriving at a shrine.Thank goodness I had my minnie mouse water bottle! Anyway, when I finally thought I would give up and head back home, the gods sent me a sign. 'Nose Ride', the Hawaiian restaurant close to campus. I basically ended up walking in a circle >_> For an hour.... After that, just a 40 minute
walk to Hirakata station. A train and subway ride later, I ended up in Umeda!(note to self, get off at Kyobashi instead of Yodoyabashi next time).

I met up with my weekend partner and her friends, and we went to the festival! I bought an onigiri beforehand because I knew the food would be expensive and not likely vegetarian-friendly. The festival was soooo much fun! We danced to Mexican music (why do I still remember the lyrics to 'el rey?) walked around little tents selling Mexican items and contemplated buying 300 yen shots of tequila(legal! but a little expensive). I even met Sena's mom! They want me to go to their house one day =)
Then it rained on our parade =( so we rushed back to the station,  bought a warm milk tea from Excelsior and fled back home to study for my kanji quiz. Fun times! I'm meeting so many people here, I can't even keep track! But I'm excited to go on more and more adventures and loving Japan just a bit more with each day!


  1. Sounds like fun! I love you and miss you baby!

  2. Ahaha, that sounds like so much fun! 300 yen tequila would've totally been worth it though