Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Weather in Kansai 関西の天気

Since I've arrived in Japan, I've noticed the weather is *very* hot and humid, much like back home in Florida. Seeing as how most of us walk 3-5 miles a day, this leads to dehydration and A LOT of sweat. When I get back from a day of walking to school, the Hirakata station, and back, I can't help but shower ASAP. And the mosquitoes here are unbearable! My legs and arms are covered with itchy bite marks. 
Currently, a typhoon is coming, and is expected to arrive this weekend. Our Kyoto tour has been canceled, and our opening ceremony may be as well =(
Today we got a taste of the typhoon weather; a drizzle that lasted until the afternoon and picked up again in the evening.  I've been told a typhoon is pretty similar to a hurricane, but it somehow feels different from Gainesville rain. Luckily, Typhoon no. 12 is not expected to affect us too terribly, but we're still advised to stay indoors if the weather gets too gross. Thus, I've stocked up on enough food to (hopefully) last me through the weekend. Some onigiri(riceballs), kimchi, udon, nori, microwaveable rice, and a lot of sweet bread. Japan has really yummy bread products, which are usually sweet and filled with yummy things such as melon cream and red bean paste. I like it all! But I'm concerned about my diet changes here. I only consume fruit in the form of juice, and I always have to ask people at shops and restaurants if certain foods are vegetarian.  Like, today a group of us went to a donburi(rice ball) shop, and the chef made me a special bowl with extra tempura veggies that wasn't on the menu! >__> It made me feel sad about the no-tipping rule in Japan.
I hope the typhoon doesn't hit us too hard so we can go to karaoke tomorrow! All my home-stay friends are leaving soon, so it might be our last chance to hang out around the dorms for a while. I'll miss them!